Find Local Golf Outings, Charity Golf Events and Golf Fundraisers
Find Local Golf Outings, Charity Golf Events and Fun Golf Tournaments
Promote Your Golf Outing / Market Your Golf Event
Welcome to Local Golf Outings, your guide to finding local golf events, charity golf outings, golf fundraisers and golf tournaments in your area!
Planning a golf outing can seem like a daunting task, but when you break it down and take it one step at a time, you'll find it a more manageable and
enjoyable experience. Following that logic, we've prepared an outline for those planning a golf outing or charity golf event. Hope it helps!
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Tips for Planning and Organizing a Golf Outing
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Where to Start / Getting The Ball Rolling

Determining the Number of Golfers
Try to estimate the number of golfers you anticipate for your outing.  This can be tricky, but it's best to aim high and
adjust the number as the date approaches if you are having trouble filling your field.  Most 18 hole courses can
handle a field of 144 golfers (some outing formats allow for more, some less.)  Don't worry if 144 sounds like a lot,
most course will accommodate outings as small as 20-30 golfers as well.  Which leads us to our next point...

Finding a Course and Choosing a Date For Your Golf Event
Almost all courses offer packages for golf outings, so as long as you give them enough lead time (at least a month,
preferably more,) they should be able to help you find an available date to hold your outing.  They will also be able
discuss many of the other options available at their facility (such as use of the driving range, food / beverage cart /
alcohol availability and options, post-golf use of banquet rooms, etc)  As with shopping for anything, it's often best to
call around and ask for proposals from several suitable golf courses in your area before making any decisions.
Keep in mind that while price is important, the quality of golf course and the services they provide will be important in
your ability to attract golfers to play in your event.  So while the cheapest option may be the most attractive, it may
not lead to the best event (profits, golfer satisfaction, etc.)  After weighing all of your options, it's time to...

Sign the Contract and Submit Your Deposit
Most courses require a contract and deposit to reserve the date and time for your event.  The amount of deposit will
vary from course to course, so be sure to discuss this with your course.  Now it's time to...

Promote Your Golf Event - Marketing Your Golf Outing

The key to any successful golf outing is golfers...sounds simple enough, right?  Finding golfers to play in your event
and fill your field means more money to your cause or charity and a more enjoyable event for all involved.  
This involves getting the word out about your event.  But first, a quick word about...

Registering Golfers For Your Golf Outing
Before you can begin promoting your upcoming golf outing and accepting payment from golfers, you will need to
decide on how you will handle the registration of golfers.  In the old days, this would involve collecting checks from
interested parties and keeping track of everything in folders and spreadsheets. Thankfully, the internet is here which
makes collecting payments and tracking registrations much easier.  There are a number of websites which allow you
to manage all of these tasks from one simple interface (
Golf Outing Pro and Golf Digest Planner), leaving you more
time for the important task of...

Getting the Word Out about Your Golf Tournament
In order for golfers to play in your event, first they need to hear about it.  Getting the word out to the thousands of
avid golfers who would love to play in your event (if they only knew about it) used to be a tricky (and oftentimes
costly) proposition involving newspaper ads, radio spots or posting flyers all over town.  In the digital age of
Facebook and Twitter, promoting your outing online has become much easier and more cost-effective.

Attracting the eyeballs of interested golfers all over the country is what was founded on.
We receive thousands of visitors every month looking for golf outings and charity golf events in their area.
Listing your golf outing with us is one of the best ways to ensure that these golfers are hearing about your event.
And the best part is, it's free! If you'd like the extra help of having your own custom webpage and email marketing
campaign, we can do that, too, for a small fee.  Check out the options we offer for
Marketing Your Golf Outing with us.

If you've already got your own website with details about your upcoming golf event (or if you have us build you one,)
the next step is to use the power of the web to spread the word.  Email a link to your friends, family members or your
work colleagues at the office.  Post a link on your Facebook profile, Tweet about it, post an ad on Craigslist...the
possibilities are endless.

Sponsorships for Your Golf Outing

If you are organizing a charity golf outing or fundraiser, another avenue of promotion and earning potential lies in  
sponsorship opportunities. Local businesses will often jump at the chance to be associated with your event to
promote business and goodwill with the people in your event and the community. These sponsorships take the form
of "Hole Sponsors", "Drink Cart Sponsorships" or "Prize Sponsors" where the company will receive a sign on a tee
box, beer cart or near the club house, letting the golfers know that they have helped support the event through their
generosity.  Once your sponsors have been identified, you will need to find a suitable printing company to produce all
the the necessary signs.  Here are a few online companies that specialize in exactly these types of golf course signs
and banners:  
A1 Golf Events and Easy Golf Signs

Don't overlook the potential for marketing your golf event when contacting these potential sponsors. Many times,
even if they aren't able to provide a full sponsorship, they will have interest in putting some players in the field.  
This is yet another excellent way to find golfers for your event.

Planning Details for the Actual Golf Outing

Golf Outing Format
There are numerous formats for play in a golf outing, but the 4-man scramble remains the overwhelming favorite.  
This involves all 4 players on a team hitting their own tee shot.  The best shot of the group is then determined and all
4 players play their next shot from where the best tee shot ended up.  This process is repeated until the ball is holed.
We won't go into detail on other formats, but there's plenty of information on the web if your interested.  

Contests and Competitions at Golf Outings
Individual contests are a fixture of golf outings.  Some outings have numerous contests on every hole while others
stick to the traditional line-up of "Long Drive" and "Closest to the Pin" competitions.  What contests you have and how
many is completely up to you, but remember that these contests will need to have their own prizes, so plan
accordingly (see prizes and awards below.)  

Hole in One contests can definitely add some excitement to your outing.
Best Hole in One is a local company looking
to help bring value to your charity while adding excitement to your events.  These contests will add fun to any kind of
golf event. Shootouts offer great flexibility, and putting contests are a good fit for events with less experienced
golfers. Make your next golf outing the BEST it can be. It is easy with Best Hole in One. Don’t forget to ask how we
donate money back to your charity.   

Prizes and Awards for Golf Events
Prizes are usually expected when participating in golf outings. The value and form of the prizes is completely up to
you, but make sure that they reflect the quality (and cost) of the event.  Donations (from local businesses,
restaurants, sporting goods and golf equipment stores) are a great way to provide many more prizes and offer a way
for those who want to have a presence at your event to do so. Many golf courses provide items from their own pro-
shop or credits / vouchers redeemable at the course as part of their golf outing package.  Trophies, plaques and
other traditional awards can be customized and ordered online at sites like
The Tournament Showroom.

Another great idea for outing participant gifts comes to us from FunMarkers.  They offer fun, unique and affordable
golf ball markers, magnetic hat clips, divot fixers and golf tees that are perfect to include as give-aways or prizes for
your outing or tournament.  Custom designs and special requests can also be accommodated.  
Visit or email their team at for more information about these cool golfer gifts.

More Fundraising Ideas For Your Golf Outing
When running a fundraiser golf outing, there are many additional ways to raise funds on the course or at the awards
ceremony after the golf is finished. There are many options for raising additional money before/during the golf, such
as selling mulligans, offering gambling games to golfers ($5 bets to hit the green on a par 3) or having a putting /
chipping contest on the practice green  Use your imagination and have some fun with it.

Another great idea for fundraising at your next golf event is a Wine Pull. Essentially supporters will purchase 'wine
pulls' for a set price. They can then pull a wrapped wine bottle (wrapped to hide the bottle and value) from a selection
of expensive, medium range, and cheap wines.  You buy the wine bottles at wholesale and then determine the price
for each pull sold to determine how much money you'd like to raise.  
Contact John from the Wine Pull Team at (cell: 630.248.5733) for more information.

On Course Entertainment
There are numerous ideas for providing entertainment to the golfers on the course throughout their round.
A live scoreboard that golfers can use to keep of each other's progress throughout the day can add some fun to the
Scrolf offers a live leaderboard service which players use on their smartphones to score and view event
results in real-time. There is no app to download and no player registration required.

A "Cigar Bar" is another unique idea to add a little something special to your golf outing, as well as add some extra
fundraising power to your event. Golf and cigars go hand-in-hand, and with a custom cigar package, you'll be ready.

Now You're Ready
Planning and preparation are the keys to any successful golf outing.  
Hopefully this short guide has you on the right path towards planning your next awesome golf event!  

The Team